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Background: Instamour was originally the leading video dating app on the market since 2013. Since then they have pivoted to a video discovery platform. With roughly half a million users, this platform is poised to succeed in the coming years as video is taking over the market.

Our Approach: After researching the dating market and the video market, we put together a style, color scheme, iconography, typography, and other best practices that would work best for the market. We created a white board design, wireframe, workflow document, and many visual maps to help us along the way. Then with our entire development team, we built an iPhone, android, web, and backend application from scratch with a full API and many integrated frameworks and SDK’s.

Our Solution: Our current result is a fluid, fast, simple to navigate UI/UX that is comparable to Instagram, YouTube, Tinder, and other simple to use yet effective and useful apps. Our native iOS application utilizes many of Apples’ frameworks as well as open source technologies to leverage the video technology integrated in the app. Furthermore, we spent a lot of time devising a marketing plan, blog content distribution, social media management, press and media outreach, fundraising techniques, and many types of business documentation to support the company’s’ growth.

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