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Career in STEM

Background: A fantastic school teacher turned grant writer in Connecticut, USA approached us to build a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career resource oriented platform. She had previously built an informational landing page and was stuck there.

Our Approach: The landing page was very basic. Not only that, but the client didn’t really know exactly what she needed on the new platform. So we helped her do some market research using surveys and social media to determine her core value proposition. After gathering enough data and analyzing it we determined what she needed to build.

Our Solution: We built them a custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery website on top of WordPress. The result is a custom, mobile responsive, adaptive to any device or screen, beautiful, dynamic website that has an easy to navigate menu with pages that have a variety of style. We created pages for every career, category, and a cool color coded system for the STEM categories. We also integrated YouTube videos for each career as well as a Simulation / Game for students to try careers out.

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