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Save the Storks

Background: Save the Storks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on helping pregnant women find the resources they need to have their child. They offer mobile services and many partnered centers that women can come to in time of need.

Our Approach: Their existing website was very basic, and built over a decade ago. We helped them with initial mockups and designs to determine what look they were going for. We also had to figure out what functionality they needed (there was a ton). After gathering enough data and analyzing it we determined what we needed to build.

Our Solution: We built them a custom WordPress website and showed them how to manage it. The result is a custom, mobile responsive, adaptive to any device or screen, beautiful, dynamic website that has an easy to navigate menu with pages that have a variety of style. We created pages for every aspect of their company, many categories, including a multitude of forms. We also had to include Authorize.net for their shopping cart system that we integrated.

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