Our Process

From the beginning of a project until the end, we follow a process with proven methods.

Make sure people want to use it.

Develop the minimum viable product

Get a userbase and some revenue

Reach over a million users and get funding

Project management

The most important part

Without proper task organization, team communication, and technical requirement prioritization, most projects will fall apart. This is why we put an emphasis on project management first and foremost.

We've built hundreds of websites, and dozens of web and mobile platforms since 2003. Think of us as a concierge service that can help you be the best entrepreneur possible. We've worked with practically every industry and often apply our experiences to each project we work on.

Code lines



Scalable Platform

MVP, Validation, Iteration

We take things a step at a time

Most entrepreneurs or businesses who come our way realize that building the biggest and best platform isn't the answer. Building a minimum viable product (MVP), testing the market, validating your theories, and then iterating (making small changes) to your platform or product is the most efficient way to run your startup. You will make less mistakes, and spend less time and money. Also, although we do focus on an MVP in the beginning stages, once your platform is validated, we progress into building you a scalable platform, capable of handling millions of users.

UI and UX

User Interface and User Experience

One of the most important things to work on when building a new platform or product is focusing on how it looks, and how people interact with it. What colors, styles, icons, font, or physical attributes should your product or platform have? What do people say when they use your product? What do others in your market do? With proper marketing techniques and beta testing we can help you figure it out quickly.