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Background: InVidMe is the world’s first interactive video entertainment platform. Choose a character or TV show and a phrase or episode, record your answer, and then share the video with the world. Their goal was to have people interact with their assortment of characters, shows, and social media influencers with native apps.

Our Approach: We had to basically invent a brand new technology. This took us several weeks of discovery. The video technology necessary to build the iOS and Android apps was difficult yet we were able to do it. We also needed to make sure the UI and UX was going to work with the target market.

Our Solution: We built iOS and Android apps on top of ReactJS with a NodeJS and MongoDB backend hosted on AWS with S3 and EC2 instances. Along with designing the apps, and website, we had to also design app screenshots, advertising flyers, social media graphics, logos, app icons, and printed material

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