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Butterfly Pavilion

Background: The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion is a museum that showcases butterflies, insects, reptiles, and much more to local schools and anyone interested in checking out the three story museum. It also boasts one of the largest indoor butterfly pavilions in the world as well as the largest touch screen interface in the world.

Our Approach: Their website hadn’t been updated in over 20 years. So they came to us to rebuild the website from scratch for their grand opening. We instantly saw the potential their museum had to offer the public and we became interested in joining their team. We started brainstorming the new site and worked on putting together a new brand, new color scheme, layout and much more. We worked through Slack to communicate and Trello to keep track of tasks.

Our Solution: Since the staff wanted to be able to change content, upload photos, add news clippings, update the event page, and have an ecommerce store where they could upload inventory, etc. we decided to create a custom WordPress website for them. After deciding on a color scheme, typography, icons, photos and navigation - we got to work. The result is a custom, mobile responsive, adaptive to any device or screen, beautiful, dynamic website that has an easy to navigate menu with pages that have a variety of style. They are in charge of the content now, and we even taught them how to use the WordPress dashboard.

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